Body Work For Best Results

Body Work for Best Results

Do you have a belief in working out long hours, at least 45 reach results.....

Recent studies show this can be contradictory......and actually do you more harm than good....especially if you´re getting older..... above 40.......


Personally I used to spend one hour twice a week on work out, take dance classes twice a week and ride bicycle 2 h or more per week going to dance classes or other activities.


One day I got ill....severly the age of 57....... and I´m still not recovered ......18 months later......

I just had to cut down.....and adapt to the fact that I could no longer do 80 push ups per week and all the other stuff I had been doing.


There has been a shift in the offers of new exercising programs....... I get many of those.....

Nowadays it´s more common with shorter programs....... I think one reason might be because people quit with the excuse of time...... lack of time.

It´s very easy to buy on impulse, when a program is offered where I´m supposed to get great results spending only 15 min or less 3 times per week.

I get excited all the time getting these offers.

Sometimes I buy, and sometimes I regret it......looking at it 3 months later and realizing there was nothing new for me.

Anyway, there are some factors you need to look at when you choose your way of body work.


1. Physical age. It matters.

My biological age is 59. I can work out like people in their fourties.....and beat them ….. most of the time......although when I get injured it takes a lot longer before I regain stenght and endurance.


If you´re used to physical activity you can push yourself harder from the beginning, even if you´ve had some years of inactivity.


If you´ve never been training before and you start when you´re 60 you need to take that in consideration and be careful not to overdo things, especially if you´ve been injured.

At the same time you get no results whatsoever if you pamper yourself and put the pressure lower than you can perform. You need to push yourself out of the comfort zone.


Most of the time we will benefit the most from the exercises we have resistance against........ and it´s not about pain......never ever do an exercise that causes pain.


Sometimes you can have pain after activity, especially if you´re recovering from injury or have arthritis. That´s part of the game.......

However it´s important that the pain decreases after some days and eventually disappears.


You can get a painful strecht if your muscles are short, but that´s another thing.


2. Your ambitions. What do you want to achieve by your training? That´s a crucial question.

If you have an injury you need to regain your muscle strenght, which might be quite heavy work......and you might get pain after training as well.


The same for athritis. If you have that problem make sure and train with resistance around the joint. Increased muscle mass will eventually protect your joints and even decrease your pain.


I used to have a lot of problems from my knees, after a number of injuries and all kinds of issues. When I finally got most of my muscles back the pain disappeared and I gained stability.

I have broken cruciate ligaments in both knees. One replacement, one is left as it is. In the replacement knee I have osteoarthrisis. 10 years ago I had a lot of pain, but since I got stronger I only feel it occasionally now and then.


Do you just want to get in shape, feel better, more alert and look toned and sexy?

Increasing your physical activity means you burn more calories.......the more your muscles work the more after burn.


Cardio doesn´t really increase your metabolism ….....contradictory to what many people believe. It wears you out though, if you do it many hours per week and as the years go by you´ll get nothing much out of the hours........unless you love to be running outdoors and get some fresh air at the same time.


Don´t count on losing weight by running or walking on a treadmill.

A lot of cardio activity truly RUSTS your body from the back to front bringing about wrinkled, droopy skin, a harmed mind, a feeble heart and low vitality.

A wide range of activity causes your body to discharge small particles called free radicals. However, an excess of activity or the wrong kind - unleashes these atoms that overwhelms your body, harming your most touchy cells—particularly your skin, heart and brain.


Consistent cardio discharges an overload of cortisol (the anxiety hormone), which triggers fat aggregation on your midsection. Not just that, it additionally destroys your tissues, debilitates your bones, crushes muscle and harms your joints.


That is the reason individuals with distressing lives look so frightful - exhausted, run down...and simply more seasoned. This happens when you do the wrong sort of activity as many ”healthy” people do!


What's more, consistent, heavy cardio can destroy your wellbeing.

A lot of the wrong activities debilitate your immune system, making you helpless against colds, infections, microscopic organisms and different bugs that may be sneaking in or assaulting your body.

It can likewise turn your body against itself, bringing about auto-resistant infections.


If you want increased metabolism and burn fat, you should focus on getting activity in the big muscle groups, as many as possible at the same time.

For instance lying on your back on a Pilates ball with weights in your hand. Arms straight up and you have to balance your body with your leg and hip muscles as you move your arms all directions.


This will engage many muscles as well as demanding balance around your hip area.


As you engage different organ systems in the exercises, your body will be forced to use more effort in response, and this will increase the after burn in metabolism.


3. How much time are you willing to spend on training?

This is important to decide before you sign up for too many activities. If you normally just take a walk on weekends and that´s it, you´ll probably benefit from starting a bit slow with one more activity per week. Unless you can find some training that you really enjoy, lika horseback riding, boxing, dancing a.s.o......and this becomes more of fun and pleasure than exercising.


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