Low Back Pain

Do You Suffer From Low Back Pain?

Let me show you how to get results quickly........

If you want to, I can show you some simple ways to ease your pain, and eventually make it disappear once and for all…

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I´ve created a series of videos, for you to use in the comfort of your home, concerning low back problems.


These videos actually show you step by step, how to handle the situation to less pain, less stiffness, and gain more energy, agility and vitality back in to life FAST …....... as it should be.




My product “Pain or Pleasure” includes 4 videos and 4 text files.

Module 1. Road to Recovery.


Let me introduce you to my method, where you will learn how to charge your batteries quickly.


Using these simple techniques you can reduce your pain and the depressing effects it has on your energy, mood and economy.


Would you like to have quality time with your loved ones?


What about getting access to your power and focus to improve your productivity at work and your economy?


By following this training you could quickly be the VERY one in control of your life, instead of being controlled by pain – and I’m told by my fans that this one training is worth the investment alone.


Module 2. Target the Treatment.


Let me show you how to turn into an attraction magnet, by letting go of tension, when using my tricks to “tell” your muscles to relax.


This will give you a pleasant and open body language, your communication and relationships will benefit from this as well as your health.


I can help you regain your energy by reducing stress, tension and pain.


This will give you a higher degree of self-esteem and could even increase your income.


Module 3. Vigour for Vitality.


I will open the doors for you to move with ease and sensuality by using these effective ways of increasing your agility, and your posture will immediately improve.


By changing your posture you can change your mood and self image.


You can even change to the personality you want to be, by the way you move .


Module 4. Exercises for Extraordinaries.


In this module I´ll give you targeted exercises to improve your strength, protect your joints, get a toned, sexy look and increase your metabolism.


As an effect of this you can keep weight off, so if you like food, not extra fat, this is the way to go.




Testimonial of Anna-Stina Alvin


83 years


Stockholm, Sweden






- I had problems with pain in the muscles around the spine during one month Every time I bent forward I had a stabbing pain in the low back and I got "stuck ".


In order to straighten up, I had to round the back and then slowly roll back up.


My days were focused on the back problems, because I had difficulty performing any tasks without getting stuck in forward position. I also had a very strong pain.


After following the advices and training in the videos I got, I was completely symptom free after 10 days, and I have not had any symptoms since then.


This is just amazing!



How would you like to have the same techniques in your hand?


And being able to get the same results as this lady.




Today you´ve got a chance to get these 4 videos at a ridiculous price!

Pain or Pleasure Low Back

Do you suffer from:


* Pain


* Stiffness and problems moving


* Fatigue because of the pain


* Sleepness nights waking up with pain


* Low energy and difficulties performing a days work


* Depressed or feelings of meningless life because of pain


* Relationships badly influenced by your fatigue


* Low interest in sex although you love your partner


* Low self-esteem from not having energy


Then this is for you!


Anne Naglo is a physiotherapist with a special education in body awareness.

She has more than 30 years of experience of injuries, mostly knees, and low back problems, as well as techniques for reducing stress and treatment with body awareness training.


Body awareness is a method for really getting to know your body, it´s borders and limits. To integrate your body in the experience of yourself as a person.


This gives you a chance to prevent injuries, have a way of moving, that will benefit your body, relax and get to the point with treatment of pain, by

being more aware of how you move and when you have the pain.



Small changes every day, will eventually be big changes over time.


How would you feel if you suddenly was pain-free?


How would this influence your relationships?


Would you feel different towards your spouse if you got rid of the pain?


Think about your friends, children or grandchildren. How would you be, spending time with them, if your pain was gone or a lot less?


Would you like to have a full day at work without pain? Think of what you could perform, and all the extra money you can make. What about the options you would have then, when your economy is improved.


How would you like to have a higher degree of self-esteem, when the pain decreases, and you can smile again and be pleasant with people?


Do you remember how much vitality you had before the pain took a hold of your body?


Have you thought about how much of your time the pain consumes?


What could you do with all that time if the pain disappears? You could have time with quality. Time for family and friends, with energy and zest!




So, get the same product as the lady with the back pain, and let it work for you!

Now you´re probably wondering how much this costs?


Usually one session is $ 80.


A treatment normally takes 3-8 visits. That adds up to a minimum of $ 240.


But you´ll not have to pay that.


Not even for one session.


Since I want to help as many people as possible, I´ve made a special deal for a short period of time.


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To top it up for you, there´s an extra bonus, worth $ 97.


Included in the package you get, the videos are complimented by 4 text files, where you´ll have all the exercises in the videos, explanations and tips for a healthier life with less pain and more vitality.


This enables you to quickly review the content and pick the parts that suit you.


The total value of this offer is $ 240 + $ 97 = $ 337


You don´t have to pay that...... not even a fraction of it.


You´ll have all of this for a measly $ 9.95.


Yes, I mean it...... and I know.....


It´s ridiculously low.


Grab these videos and bonuses today for only $ 9.95!


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This offer will expire soon!

Pain or Pleasure Low Back

I give you a 30 day guarantee on this product. This means you can test it in the comfort of your home at no risk and return it within 30 days.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply let me know within 30 days, and I’ll give you a full refund. No hassles, no question asked.


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Best regards


Anne Naglo

Pain or Pleasure Low Back

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